Carma Test

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Weather Conditions
Question 1
Topic: Weather Conditions
Weather conditions impact on the car’s performance and are often blamed for causing road crashes. However, in many cases the real cause is inappropriate driving in these conditions. Rain affects which of the following?

Question 2
Topic: Vision
How far ahead should you be looking while you’re driving?

Mobile Phones
Question 3
Topic: Mobile Phones
It is illegal to use a hands held mobile phone whilst you’re driving. However studies have also shown that using a hands free mobile phone whilst you’re driving is still a major distraction and equally as dangerous as using a hand held unit?

Tyres, when did you last check your tyre pressure?
Question 4
Topic: Tyres, when did you last check your tyre pressure?
How often should you check your tyre pressures?

Tread Depth
Question 5
Topic: Tread Depth
In Australia what is the minimum legal tread depth allowed for your tyres?

Working with Others
Question 6
Topic: Working with Others
If you are being tailgated by another driver you should:

Question 7
Topic: Distraction
Driver distraction is a significant road safety issue. Which of the following activities could contribute to driver distraction?

Question 8
Topic: Speed
A vehicle undertaking an emergency stop at 100km/h would require 4 times the distance as a vehicle travelling at 50km /h.

Unrestrained Loads
Question 9
Topic: Unrestrained Loads
Unrestrained loads are not a safety issue and present no potential safety risk.

Shock Absorbers
Question 10
Topic: Shock Absorbers
Shock absorbers are designed to do which of the following functions?