V8 Supercar legend Russell Ingall is putting the public on notice - take it easy and be responsible on the roads this Easter for their sake as well as that of every other motorist.


Passionate road safety advocate and Supercheap Auto - Driving Home Road Safety ambassador, Russell Ingall is making the plea to all Australians to take extra care on the roads over the Easter weekend to reverse the horrific trend of vehicle accidents in recent years.


"In 2009, fifteen people were killed in accidents across Australia in just one weekend, while an unbelievable twenty-one people died in 2008," Mr Ingall said.


"For that number of people to be killed on our roads in just four days is totally unacceptable…if this many deaths occurred for any other reason, it would be labeled as an epidemic," he said.


Mr Ingall's comments come ahead of the launch of the new national Driving Home Road Safety campaign which builds upon the success of Supercheap Auto's community service announcements launched in 2008.


"The Supercheap Auto - Driving Home Road Safety campaign was an Australian-first comprehensive campaign launched that provided a unified message to the whole of Australia," Mr Ingall said.


"The next stage of the campaign - which will be unveiled soon - builds upon this great work and will continue to educate all Australian motorists on the most effective habits and behaviours, complimenting the speed-based messaging the state and federal governments apply.


"Like me, this is something Supercheap Auto is committed to and passionately believes in, which is why I'm proud to be its ambassador," Mr Ingall said.


Mr Ingall suggested there were three actions people could take when on the road this Easter to be as safe as possible - planning, patience and perseverance.


"People should plan every aspect of their trip as much as they do the route they are taking," Mr Ingall said.


"Plan your rest breaks and driver changes, plan how many bags are going to be loaded in the car and how the weight should be distributed and plan activities to keep the kids occupied so the driver doesn't get too distracted.


"Display patience with your fellow motorists - don't tail gate or take unnecessary risks to overtake slower vehicles or get too frustrated.


"And finally, be persistent with applying these two habits to make them a necessary part of your trip and you will go a long way to making sure you and your passengers arrive safe and sound," he said.


For more free information and tips, log on to www.supercheapauto.com.au/roadsafety.