With more and more Aussies planning to hit the road this Christmas/New Year period, Supercheap Auto is urging road users to stay safe by being aware and responsible behind the wheel.


Travelling long distances in the car is tough going - both in terms of the amount of time on the road as well as the distraction from the kids in the backseat - and with most Australian states' road toll recording their highest fatalities in years, the need for safe road practices is paramount.


Supercheap Auto road safety ambassador and V8 Supercar legend Russell Ingall is urging all Australians to stay safe on the road this festive season by adopting some of the tips provided in the Supercheap Auto - Driving Home Road Safety campaign.


"In the past couple of years, Australians have gone back to the traditional road trip and camping trips, rather than the more expensive fly-away or hotel holidays," Mr Ingall said.


"As a result, we are urging people to adopt some simple habits which could be life saving when they are behind the wheel, all of which have been independently verified and designed to help you arrive safely at your destination."


Mr Ingall said some of the tips, all of which can be found at the Supercheap Auto - Driving Home Road Safety website at www.supercheapauto.com.au include a correct seating and hand position, where to look with your eyes and stopping for frequent rest and refresh breaks.


"The most common mistake people make is to sit too far away from the wheel, which contributes significantly to fatigue and a general lack of concentration," he said.


"The same fatigue can be attributed to people placing their hands too high on the wheel at the 'ten and two' position - 'three and nine' are much more efficient, helping you to maintain concentration levels.


"Importantly, people need to ensure they stop at regular intervals to have a drink, stretch their legs and refresh themselves," Mr Ingall said.


Mr Ingall said if people haven't had a chance to get a thorough service on their cars before heading away, Supercheap Auto offers the Fitment Service range to help keep cars in perfect running order.


"Even if you're unfamiliar with basic vehicle safety checks or the installation of parts, you are able to buy a replacement part from our Fitment Service range and get it immediately fitted for a small fee, or for free, depending on the item," he said.


"Our Team Members are trained to safely and correctly fit auto parts and accessories, providing peace of mind when you head out onto the open road."


For more helpful tips on safe driving suggestions, or to explore Supercheap Auto's fitment and testing services, simply go to www.supercheapauto.com.au