The road environment is a constantly changing one. Nothing ever stays the same and you need to be aware of this fact whenever you're behind the wheel.


It only takes something out of the ordinary to happen and you can suddenly find yourself with a major drama on your hands.


More importantly you only get one chance to sort it out. The problem is that it is easy for a driver to slip into a form of "mental cruise control" and end up driving on auto pilot.


This has an increased chance of occurring on roads that we travel on regularly.


When it happens, drivers generally stop concentrating on driving, their vision drops and they are not totally aware of everything that is going on around them. All this comes to a head when something out of the ordinary occurs.


This could be a pedestrian walking out in front of you, a car running a red light or a cow crossing a narrow country road. Whatever the case, by the time the driver realises that they have a problem to deal with it is often too late.


Recently we have seen some tragic road deaths which highlight just how quickly a situation can get out of hand. One moment you're happily going about your business and the next there is a disaster unfolding in front of you.


Remember it takes time and distance to stop a car. The bottom line is that you need to be looking as far ahead as you can and be thinking faster than you're driving.


You must also plan for the fact that your path may not always be clear. This means that you need to give yourself a safety margin and expect the unexpected.


Drive Safety – Russell White