Driver Training

Become a better driver

Simply put, learning is a process. It is not the result of one single action. It requires a structured approach that provides knowledge and regular opportunities to practice.

For example, to be an elite athlete, you need to understand the key elements of your chosen sport and then practice until they become second nature.

Becoming a better driver is exactly the same.

How can you achieve greater CARMA?

Share the roadCARMA encourages you to think more about your on the road and to help you develop a greater understanding about what it takes to become a safer driver.

We also want to provide you with additional driver education resources to assist you on this journey.

Supercheap Auto and have worked together to create a cutting-edge driver enhancement program that is designed to show you how to increase your CARMA.

This revolutionary system is based on a sequential program that provides a staircase of training to complement your individual driving development.

Schools Program

School road signFor schools wishing to make a difference on our roads and teach students vital practical skills before they take to the road, Contact Us to find out more about our full day schools training program.


The CARMA program is based on three stages: